Jun 07

Bach Messe in H-moll, Richter, Münchener Bach-Chor & Orchester, with Janowitz & Prey  ????

This performance in 1969 in a small church on the Amersee in Sud-Bavaria, represents Richter close to the end of his life, but in the very early careers of Janowitz and Prey. Both were already showing their talents that would lead them into lengthy careers as lead performers on the stage of the best opera houses and concert halls in the world. Richter also remains unapproachable in his art of Bach, and few today are able to match his interpretations of Bach works.  Richter is not a “showy” conducter like Bernstein, and maintains a strong sense of solemnity to his performances. So, why only 4 stars? Mostly it related to the bizarre panning of the camera, which would often fix on either some performer in the orchestra, or some edifice in the church that they were in. The recording quality was excellent. This is a must-have performance, and the DVD, because of the odd camera work, contributes little to what one would get from Richter’s CD recordings.


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