Jun 07

Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War, by Patrick Buchanan ?????

Patrick Buchanan has been an interesting character. I can’t say that I have ever voted for him for president, but have many agreements with him. This book is a relative diversion from the usual treatises of Buchanan, in that he engages himself strictly as a historian. I have blogged several months ago about issues which are now parroted in the volume. You may recall that I discussed  in the 06APR08 blog about the distorted priorities and values that the West held in WWI and II, which should be titled the second thirty years war against Germany. Buchanan outlines the bitterly disastrous foreign policy of Great Britain which in both instances could have prevented the war, and eliminated much greater evils. Buchanan outlines with extreme clarity the wanton hypocrisy of the West in accusing Germany of various sins, yet practicing far greater evils. Buchanan skillfully delineates the moral degeneracy of the West in the many of the war decisions, such as the decision to attack civilian populations in some sort of “retribution” for their war crimes. The author adeptly identifies the total duplicity of Churchill in accusing Chamberlain of “appeasement”, and yet being the greatest “appeaser” of the twentieth century, bringing more harm of countless millions from Churchillian appeasement to Stalin than Chamberlain ever caused. In all, Churchill is rightfully portrayed at the man, who, more than any other in the 20th century, could be responsible for the first and second world wars, as well as the cold war. In the end, Buchanan points out how Bushes’ foreign policy is paralleling the blundering decision making of Churchill, with the anticipated result than any sense of American hegemony in the world will be reduced, and that we can expect to see the USA reduced, like Britain, to a second rate nation among world powers. His advice should be well heeded. This is a must read book, highly informative, and quite powerful in undoing much of the propaganda we were taught as school children.


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