Jun 07

Smetana Die Verkaufte Braut, Wiener Staatsoper, with Popp & Jerusalem ?????

I have two DVD performances of this opera, this one and one produced in Prague by the National Opera. This is the more polished opera, an absolutely superlative performance, with the unexcelled voices of both Lucia Popp and Siegfried Jersusalem. Acting is wonderful, and the orchestra is inpeccable. Smetana manages the most magnificent flow of unforgettable melodies, with opera singing mixed with Czech folk dancing and opera. It is an addicting opera with a cute little storyline, that I won’t give away. In comparison with the Prague version, the Prague version is not as lavishly done, the singing is in German as compared to Czech in the Prague version. The Prague version does have a sense of “homi-ness” that makes it perhaps the preferred performance; it is a bit more convincing, in spite of the absence of star-studded opera divas and world class orchestra. Both versions are worthy of an opera buff like me, and both are recommended as justly portraying the genius of Smetana.


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