Aug 04

This ride is sold as 3 passes-3 days, and done as a fund raiser for Mary Bridge hospital in Tacoma, Wa. The ride is heavily supported and sold as the only challenging ride that you will actually gain weight by doing. It was almost true, as I lost only 1 lb on the ride. The first day started in Snoqualmie Falls, went through North Bend, over Snoqualmie Pass, and down to CleElum. Ascending the pass was very rainy, and all 600+ riders were wet and dirty by the time we reached the summit. There is no photo of this summit since I was cold, wet, slightly miserable, tired, and anxious to get down the other side of the pass into sunny weather. The Rotary Club had convenient break stations every 12-15 miles, allowing to refuel, or, possibly to overfuel. Much of the ride was on the shoulder of I-90, a little uncomfortable with large trucks zooming by at 70+mph, but the shoulder was large, and there never was a place where I felt uncomfortable. Camping the first night was in Suncadia, which is right out of CleElum.

That’s my bike lying in the grass, with the forest green, grey tent in the center. Since I was one of the first in Suncadia, this photo shows very few tents. By the time everybody had arrived, there were well over 200 tents. The next day took one across Blewett Pass

at an elevation of a little over 4000 ft. This dropped you down into Leavenworth, for yet another night of camping (photos withheld, you know what my tent looks like). The town of Leavenworth is quite quaint, pretending to be some sort of Bavarian/Swiss/Swedish resort.

The final pass was the worst, which was Steven’s Pass. I got started a little bit earlier in the day, anticipating the pass to be quite hot later in the afternoon. Here is the road close to the summit.

Three days and three passes later, close to 5000 ft climb each day, and a total of 172 miles left me a little tired of hills, but not tired enough to not want to hop on the bicycle again for some great riding. The next coming up is the Portland Century…


02-04AUGUST2008 Courage Classic 173 miles bicycle ride


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