Aug 05

The Woody Allen Collection Sets 1-3 ???

I thought that I liked Woody Allen more than I did after watching this set. Woody has some hilarious moments, and has some nice touches on his more serious films, though Woody tends to be quite mono-thematic. This main themes or thought processes are…

  1. a)gee, there might be a god. Maybe. Maybe not.
  2. b)sex is the only justification for marriage. Without sex, move on.
  3. c)outside of personal relationships, life has no meaning.
  4. d)the family is dysfunctional.


So, let’s run through the films…

  1. 1)Bananas – Woody becomes a revolutionary in a third world banana republic
  2. 2)Sleeper – Woody wakes up a thousand years later, to discover that the world is slightly different. One of my favorite films
  3. 3)Interiors – Woody’s first serious film about a dysfunctional family.
  4. 4)Love and Death – a film that I never saw before, but liked tremendously, a comic serious film of Woody as a cowardly Russian during the Napoleonic Wars
  5. 5)Annie Hall – A Woody/Diane Keaton classic that is typical Woody’s angst for life
  6. 6)Manhattan – A black and white version with a different twist of Annie Hall
  7. 7)Everything you always wanted to know about sex But were afraid to ask – slightly comic film about sex.
  8. 8)Stardust Memories – Woody plays a film-maker in a dog-eat-dog world.
  9. 9)Broadway Danny Rose – Woody plays a two-bit show-biz agent in some comic antics with clients.
  10. 10) A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy – Somewhat humorous film that vaguely resembles Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, of three couples together, sorting out who belongs to who.
  11. 11)The Purple Rose of Cairo – A character from a swinging twenties film walks off of the film into the life of a now depression area small-town girl.
  12. 12)Radio Days – Life in Jewish New York in the Depression era
  13. 13) Zelig – Woody and a person trying to gain acceptance by miraculously transforming himself into his environment. Another of my favorite Woody films.
  14. 14) Hannah and Her Sisters – Life in a now grown up three sibling dysfunctional family
  15. 15) Alice – Mia Farrow plays a disenchanted high society woman who eventually discovers life in Calcutta. I never saw this before but liked it much as a film
  16. 16) Another Woman – A typical Woody film about the crisis of defining one’s spouse.
  17. 17) Crimes and Misdemeanors –  Another of my favorite Woody films that is probably the best portrayal of the harshness of guilt in a person’s life. A prominent doctor has a secret mistress threatening to expose him, and so is “terminated” by the doctor’s brother, a hit-man. Other sub-themes with Woody seemed unnecessary in the film.
  18. 18) September – Dreadfully boring, a serious film about dysfunctional family dynamics.
  19. 19) Shadows and Fog – one of Woody’s strangest films, with him and Mia Farrow as the main actors. The film is entirely in black and white, in a fog, and maintains a surrealistic atmosphere of escaping vigilantes attempting to catch a murderer, but still including all of the theses of Woody films mentioned above. Woody’s biggest problems with the films that he writes is the ending. This one is particularly true of that, in that Woody escapes life by joining the circus. Knowing Woody’s real life, this film is probably autobiographical.


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