Aug 14

Rachel and Diane had just returned home, and we decided to do some backpacking. Naturally, Rachel Lake/Ramparts were our first choice. The hike started out okay, until we got about 2-1/2 miles in, when Rachel started throwing up. We were right at a regular stopping point for this hike, the waterfall. Soon, Diane and I were also feeling quite sick. We believe this to be from an illness that the grandkids just recovered from. So, we decided to head back. Meanwhile, I’m feeling sicker and sicker, not walking well, and barely make it back to the car. I didn’t feel like eating for two days afterwards. Simultaneously, I had my right knee act up on me again, which started first a few years ago while skiing, and happens when I put a lot of rotatory stress on the knee. I suspect it to be a small cartilage tear, but don’t feel like getting scoped yet, since it only acts up when I put unusual great stresses on the knee. But, it may limit my backpacking. It doesn’t hurt when I bicycle.

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