Aug 15

Ice Bound

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Ice Bound, by Dr. Jerri Nielson ?

I was loaned this book by our practice manager as a book that she felt I would enjoy reading. It’s the story of a lady who becomes an ER physician with a completely dysfunctional life, deciding to escape by being a doctor in the South Pole American research station, only to discover that she had a breast cancer. She instituted chemotherapy before being evacuated for definitive care. There are a number reasons why I disliked the book. 1) Mushy details — I don’t care what a person ate at a given time, or the little trivia of survival on the south pole. Compare it to Messner, who mentioned as an afterthought that he lost a few toes on a climb where he also lost his brother. 2) Letters, letters, letters. The correspondence was meaningless to me, and didn’t contribute to the flow of the book. 3) Stories of cancer, and medicine make me nauseated. 4) This is not a story of Dr. Jerri’s heroism, but the heroism of the rascals who had to airdrop the chemotherapy, and then eventually fly in to evacuate her.  5) Details of the South Pole station were practically missing. What research were they doing there? How many people? From where? Etc. Many details that would have made the book more fascinating were missing. Don’t waste your money on this book – it’s not worth reading.


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