Aug 15

Cheryomushki (Cherry Town) Music by D. Shostakovich ????

This piece was written in 1958, and performed in Moscow in 1963. Typically, I would give anything by Shostakovich 5 stars. The music was tremendous, but the plot was fairly corny. Essentially, conditions in early ’60’s Moscow were such that one had to be desperate in order to win a cherished spot in ghetto style tenement housing. It’s a far cry from where the West was at the same time, yet they had the audacity to speak of the death of “Capitalism” since life was so much better under a socialist regime (!!!). Though Shostakovich excels at serious music, he still commands genius at lighter, comical pieces as this. I would not recommend purchasing this unless you are an inveterate Shostakovich fan as I am.


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