Aug 16

Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians ???

This is the perfect purchase of a CD for the person you hate the most. It will drive them nuts, if they ever make it through the complete CD. I think that I will use it in the hospital OR. It is essentially minimalistic music with an avowed tonal construct. The tonality makes it a little less tedious to listen to. Unfortunately, there is never a progression of the piece, and, as one would expect in the sonata form that we are so accustomed to, no themes, no development, no alteration in rhythmic monotony, it would be challenging to identify whether one was at the beginning or the end of the work, if one didn’t have the electronic time coming off of the CD player. Buy this for the person in your life you despise the most, then insult them by claiming that if they didn’t enjoy the piece, they simply did not have the stuff that makes a great musician.


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