Feb 02


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Why are Fire Engines Red?


They have four wheels and eight men;

four plus eight is twelve;

twelve inches make a ruler;

a ruler is Queen Elizabeth;

Queen Elizabeth sails the seven seas;

the seven seas have fish;

the fish have fins;

the Finns  hate the Russians;

the Russians are red;

fire engines are always rushin’;

so they’re red.


It’s good when a little poem can help make you a more solid and logical thinker. A little jingle like the Fire Engine question clears out cobwebs, and teaches one how to make logical constructs in a methodological fashion, observing the multiple and varied rules of logic that we had to learn as children. Or, did we? I don’t think I was ever taught formal logic in either grade school, high school, or college. Isn’t that a touch strange? I had to learn logic on my own afterwards…..


January was a truly uneventful month, winding down from the holidays. It was a month of struggling with the hospital, and trying to come to terms with one’s identity as an aging surgeon. I had the wonderful joy of going out to lunch with a patient of mine of whom I thought was long dead. I helped him write and publish a 100+ page autobiography with multiple photographs, since I thought him to be such a fascinating character. He tells of his boyhood, growing up in Germany, escaping East Germany as a young child, in a most miraculous fashion, and then adapting to the USA.


January was a month of being involved in a new church start, helping Pastor David Scott in the development of Resurrection Presbyterian Church in Puyallup. Since I did the sound system for a short while atFaith Presbyterian in Tacoma, I am able to do the sound for Res Pres. We meet only Sunday evenings, until the church can find a permanent home. More to come on that…..


I’ve updated the Movie, Music, and Book reviews. Please feel free to comment regarding my reviews on my blogsite. Occasionally, readers have sent me e-mail comments of my kritik, the comments of which would be most suitable for all readers to appreciate. Rather than e-mail me, please post your comments below.


You might have noticed from the initial photograph that Samuel is now trying to imitate the Indians. Or, perhaps that is actually blood on his face, and he shows the contentment of Jack the Ripper, or a son of Sam. Simply not true. Sammy is so harmless, why, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Just look at the sweet boy. . .

So, we’ll let little Sammy off the hook. Meanwhile Patrick and Ethan continue so be charmers in their own right…




I had hoped to post photographs of a ski trip with Jon into the woods today, but, alas, when we arrived at the trailhead, we realized that we had one of the wrong pairs of skis. It was a sad trip home, not being able to freeze ourselves in the snowy hinterlands of Mt. Rainier. Oh well… my next post should have photographs of Betsy and me in Big Sky, Montana, getting CME credits by learning how to build snow caves.  Cool.


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