Feb 08

I’m home! Thank you to those who made this trip special. Tops of the list is to Herbert Feucht. Then, to Katja and Hannes, Debbie and Heinz, and of course, to the teacher who endured me for four weeks, Roman Truhlar. I feel much more comfortable with German, but also see that I have a ways to go to survive comfortably. After visiting the town of Feucht, we returned to Würzberg, where I went dog-walking in the countryside with Hannes and Tasso.

It was quite foggy in the Mainztal, giving the entire walk a surrealistic impression. We returned home, and attacked the currywurst restaurant…

As you can see, many German restaurants allow you to bring your dog. Arras peers over the tabletop, not wanting the currywurst, but the Rheinania Alt. Our last day, we went to der Pott, which is a term used for the Ruhr region of Germany. In its hey-day, der Pott was the massive industrial area of Germany, occupied by massive coal mining, and heavy steel works. The industry continues, but competition from elsewhere has lead to much less steel production than in the past. The best designed coal mining facilities, which also included the massive machinery for separating and cleaning the coal, was the Zollverein Schacht XII, which was turned into a UNESCO site. We did a tour of the complex.

The entire facility was absolutely massive, mining and processing, if I remember correctly, about 60,000 tons of coal a day.So, I have two cups in memory of Germany, one is white for Betsy, one black for me…

The first says “Ruhrpott”, and the second is a quote from the Coffee Cantata of JS Bach, commenting on how good coffee tastes.


So, I am back to Puyallup, and I have a mad dash to prepare for Bangladesh. Germany was wonderful, and the only failure of the trip was the awfully cold weather, making it impossible to do bike riding. This gives me a reason to return! I’d especially like to ride in Franken. More adventures will follow, so stay in tuned.


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