Jun 01

I went on a bicycle ride today from home up to the Carbon River entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park, and this was what I saw along the way. The Carbon River entrance remains closed owing to previous rains washing out the road, but the ride to the entrance and back was 72 miles (116 km) and moderately steep uphill most the way, allowing me to burn off over 5000 calories in the 5 hours that it took me to do the ride. Here’s proof…

Yes, I am still using the Trionfo, as my Steelman bicycle is not quite done yet. I did visit my bicycle dealer, with Tacoma bike, a super cool guy named Mike Brown. I bought him a lungi, and here we are together in his bike shop.

The mail came today, and I had a box from Hannes und Katja aus Würzburg. When I visited them this February, they knew that I desperately wanted a Universität Würzburg t-shirt, as I collect university t-shirts.

What an awesome gift! As you realize, not only is it (the U of W) an ancient university by American standards (founded in 1402), but it has had significant Nobel prize winners, including Röntgen, who discovered X-Rays here. Well, I’ll soon be sending Hannes and Herbert (sorry Katja, only men wear lungis) their own personal lungis from Bangladesh. Unfortunately, I won’t be there to teach them how to tie the lungi. Oh well… it’s an excuse to visit Germany again.


But!!!!!! I’m omitting the most important event of the last week!!!! Yes!!! Betsy and I flew back to Iowa so that I could visit Rachel & Diane, and Rachel’s boyfriend (not yet engaged). it was a wonderful time, and I really liked Alex from the very beginning, as not only a wise and prudent young man, but also a strong Christian man.

We will be praying that the Lord be in that relationship. Meanwhile, we also went boating in Lake Obijobi.

We also got to meet Alex’s family, as well as his new dog, Bentley.

I’m sure you will be hearing more about this in my next blogs, but, we’ll leave it at this for now.


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