Jun 08

I needed to take a trip to Portland since I had just purchased a new Apple computer, and had it delivered to Gaylon. Lew seemed to be tied up, and Karen and Steve were in town, but too busy to get together. Delores had invited us to her restaurant in Wilsonville, so, we decided to go. Delores is a cousin, and she married a Moroccan man, whose mom taught Delores how to cook Moroccan. She had asked us many times to come down, but now I finally had the opportunity. This was an absolute feast. I had no clue that mid-eastern food could taste so good, but Dee made it especially well. She gave us a sampling of many items, from appetizers, to her lentil soup, to the main meal (I had lamb with a raisin sauce), and then dessert. It was absolutely unbelievably good. Dee gets 10 stars for incredible cooking. Most of the food was very nutritiously cooked, such as the vegetarian couscous, which tasted like no couscous that I have ever eaten before, but also very spicy, using similar spices to that of Bangladesh. All in all, it was a most sumptuous feast. Thank you, Delores and Abdellah!

I spent the night at Gaylon’s, hooking up an old Airport, and also connecting a hard drive to his Mac Mini. The next day was off to trail college. I was a little doubtful, almost wondering if I should skip out and head home. I slept out in my tent, and relaxed for several days. The first day, we went out to a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, and studied trail maintenance, including how to provide trail rain runoff, so that the trail doesn’t become a highway of a grand mudpuddle. We also learned about how to condition a trail, using McLeod’s and Pulaskis. It was a rainy day, we were all soaked and muddy at the end of the day. The next day was lectures in the morning, and then we went up onto a recently built trail. At first, it looked fairly good, until we began to realize that there were multiple design mistakes. We talked about designing a proper trail, using proper construction techniques to maintain a solid trail base, so that the trail would manage rain water without becoming a mud puddle, and spent time actually punching out a hypothetical new trail. It was a blast. I will forever have a much greater appreciation for trails, and will never look on a trail the same way ever again, knowing how badly a trail could thoughtlessly be constructed.


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