Jul 02

Finding the Will of God, by Bruce Waltke ?????

Bruce Waltke is one of the most renowned Hebrew scholars alive today, yet remains a conservative thinker. This book should become a timeless classic, well written, and thoughtfully considered from the lengthy and vast experience of a professor of Hebrew, especially relating the many questions and fallacies that his students manifested to him. Waltke challenges the idea of finding a will for God in your life, instead, suggesting that the ideal will of God is that you live holy, and that he will give you desires and motivations that lead you where he would have you go. Waltke speaks emphatically about demanding that God’s will for any given decision be sought after by many of the typical means used by Christians today, including circumstantial evidence, random use of Scripture, or a mental “revelation” from God. Instead, he encourages the use of counsel, and use of the church in finding what is right for you. This is a must-read book which I would encourage all to consider reading.


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