Jul 11

Cyrano de Bergerac, starring Gerard Depardieu ?????

There are many versions of Cyrano de Bergerac that have been filmed,  and I have seen none of the others. Depardieu is a favorite French actor of mine, and he truly excels in this film. I could not imagine a better Cyrano than Depardieu. This is a story of a swordsman Cyrano in love with his distant cousin Roxane, but beset with a colossally large nose. He is a truly master swordsman, but also excels with words. Under Cyrano is a younger man named Christian, with whom Roxane is in love. Cyrano finds Christian to be bumbling at the art of words for wooing a woman, and so writes his speeches to Roxane, speaks for him, and writes letters to Roxane in the name of Christian. Roxane is thus in love with Christian, but because she thinks the letters and words are his and not Cyrano’s. She eventually discovers that she actually was in love with Cyrano all along, but that is the story that you will have to watch to know. The acting and sets are all superb, it is an clean film which even kids could watch, and one of the best films of the French cinematography scene that I’ve seen. Thus, five stars.


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