Aug 03

I reported on this ride last year, so will save on lengthy details. This time, Jonathan Kamke rode with me, and that was a pleasure.

He was the entertainment committee. The photo shows him at the summit of Snoqualmie Pass. This year, the weather was considerably hotter than last year, and so really worked on pushing it a little harder. All of the passes seemed to be a bit easier this year, with no need to stop and rest, save for the scheduled rest stops, which tended to overfeed us. We made sure we had early starts in order to beat the heat each day. Yet, it was rough even hanging around the campsite doing nothing in 90 degree plus weather. We were among the first ten each day to finish, and so were able to pick nice campsites, but still could not beat the heat.

Here I am on top of Blewett and Steven’s Pass. I don’t look tired, do I? Well, I could have kept going both times. The little Yellow Bird was totally delightful to be riding on.


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