Oct 10

The Kingdom of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom ??

This film was rated R for violence. I saw the film in Cameroon, and some of the editorial was lost in the iWeb crash. I’ll do my best. There was a moderate amount of violence in the film, most of which did not contribute to the general flow of the theme, and placed mostly for entertainment purposes. It is a very quasi-historical depiction of some crusaders going to Jerusalem to retain the city following the first crusade. The main character was the illegitimate son of one of the princes in the Holy Land. The main character notes the depth of corruption of both the ruling class and clergy in Jerusalem, particularly the desire to continue to militarily rule the area. In the end, the movie makes the invading Arabs out to be the morally more righteous, and the Christians as the cheats, naves, dishonest fools. All renditions of Christian clergy were shown to be steeped in dishonor, greed, and corruption. While this is certainly partially true, it is hard for me to imagine the Muslim invaders as any more righteous in their behavior or deeds. Thus, the movie degenerates into a politically correct statement of love for Islam, but historically lacking.

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