Oct 17

Sweet Land

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Sweet Land, starring Elizabeth Reaser ??

This is the story of a German (????Norwegian) bride to be moving to Northern Minnesota to be married in the early 1920’s farmland. The bride Inge encounters grave community vitriol, and marriage is refused until her husband to be saves the day, so to speak, at one spot. The story is based on a Will Weaver novel, and produced by Ali Salim. Unfortunately, having a father that grew up as a German immigrant in that area and time, things were not well depicted as representative of America. In effect, it was just another effort by Hollywood and Muslim producers to make American faith and religion appear unloving and cruel, when in actuality, though harsh, it was everything but was depicted in this film. The thought processes were a late 20th century projection of early twentieth century religious and community farm life. Indeed, one Amazon reviewer has is correct that the book author has only a superficial sense of what it was like to live back at that time. The movie never develops true depth to its characters, and even the attempt at foreign language fails, with gibberish being muttered for either German or Norwegian. The farming was ridiculous-they were harvesting corn but delivering wheat to the market. They used no horses, and two people hand picked 160 acres. Farm communities always tended to be closer than what was portrayed. I watched this film with an Englander in the group, who asked if this truly what America was like back then. Unfortunately, this sort of rubbish in filming only creates images of moral judgmentalism at a time when America held moral values but also strong hospitality and deep community spirit.   Truly Hollywood could have done better than that. Many Amazon reviewers suggested that this was a touching love story demanding Kleenex. I’m not sure about the Kleenex, but there were enough errors in the film to ruin a story that could have made a good film.

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