Oct 22

The Marketing of Evil, by David Kupelian ?????

I’ve been rare on 5-star reviews, but this book is well-written, reads well, and well researched. The author is Armenian, and appears as a rather homely person on the back flap of the book. He is everything but that. Rather, he is an articulate tiger, writing a book that was nearly impossible to put down. He serially attacks the homosexual agenda, the governmental confusion of separation of church and state, the wholesale sale of pornography, toleration and the false effort at multiculturalism, the destruction of marriage, the sex revolution, the sabotage of the school system, the extreme bias of the news media, the problem of abortion, and the problem of accommodation within the Christian church itself. He ends with quotes from two of my heros, Francis Schaeffer and David Wells, both men acutely seeing Western culture far better than the rest of us. Altogether, the book is precise in identifying the problem of what went wrong with America. The solution presented are for Christians to speak out, but even more than that, for Christians to truly live lives consistent with their Biblical calling. I’d highly recommend this book to all Americans to read as the best description was “what’s going on”. Brother Dennis wrote a book entitled “What’s going On”, detailing the conspiracies and secret societies that control America. Yet, though Dennis is correct, Kupelian does a better job of identifying the precise problems that have led to America’s downfall, which is the loss of faith of its citizens. To that we weep.

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  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    The book referred to by brother Dennis was but a precursor to _The Grand Deception_ which is addressed specifically to Christians, whereas the database compendium, _What’s Going On?_ was not. Neither attempts some grand theory of how America went wrong but in the context of that grandest of outlooks – the biblical worldview – compares it to a laundry list of worldly entanglements that “good Christians” today are either ignorant of or brush aside as possibly interpretable (if they had the time and inclination to do it) in a manner more consistent with their institutional accommodations. For the few who catch on, TGD offers a way for Christians to rebuild a Christian culture, free from the social institutional entanglements that brought them under the current semi-apostate spell. WGO does not address any of this.

  2. Dennis;
    I stand corrected. Could you provide links to both of those references?
    Thank you.
    Bruder Ken

  3. Uncle Dennis says:

    Neither is available on the Web but TGD is available from me in PDF on request.

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