Dec 03

Rosemary’s Baby, starring Mia Farrow ????

This film does not have suspense or anxiety similar to other “horror” films. The stars come from the superb acting of Mia Farrow. Otherwise, the plot is a little stale. The story was most fitting to the 1980’s when Hal Lindsey’s books like “Late Great Planet Earth” was popular, and everybody was expecting an incarnate form of the antichrist. Perhaps that will yet happen, but certainly not in the manner portrayed in this movie. The amount of witchcraft talk is kept to a minimum, and witches are sold as warm, friendly people. The baby is never shown at the end of the film. This unfortunately breeds a tolerance for Satanic activity as acceptable, save for the occasional murders and ill-effects that happen in the course of the film. Not highly recommended, and directed by Roman Polanski, who should be setting behind bars, if not worse.

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