Dec 06

The Manchurian Candidate, starring Frank Sinatra ????

This film is one of the first left-wing accuse the right-wing of manufacturing conspiracy plot films. A group of soldiers come home from the Korean war, having been unknowingly brainwashed by communists, but hailed as war heros. Over the course of the film, the loud out-spoken anti-communist Senator devises a conspiracy to use the hero of the soldiers to kill all opponents and thus achieve the candidacy for presidency. The acting is superb and plot riveting, though it fails to admit that the “sins” of conspiracy are guilty to all parties, and yes, there was communist infiltration of the government, just as there is Muslim infiltration of our government now, though not in a highly secretive masterminded manner. Recommended as a good film to watch. In B&W.

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  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    This story keeps being told over and over by Hollywood. There is even an Outer Limits episode by that name. The word “brainwashing” came from Mao Zedong who talked about washing error from the brains of misled people. The story fits into the same genre as Conspiracy Theory, though more melodramatic and less plausible. “Brainwashing” is really mind control and it works – most of the time. Zombies used by the Establishment, especially as sex slaves, sometimes are able to escape from this nightmare fragmentation of the mind into multiple personalities (otherwise regarded as demon possession) to once again become whole. What is done to people in this form of traumatized mind control is truly demonic. The Web contains details.

    Perhaps this is not so implausible. Doesn’t Obama seem like a Muslim Manchurian Candidate to you? Osama, Obama – they’re all the same to me …

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