Dec 07

End the Fed

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End the Fed, by Ron Paul ????

Rep. Paul offers a brief summary of the formation and activities of the federal reserve, the concepts of economics, and provides a strong argument for the moral, constitutional, economic, and libertarian rationale for the Austrian system of economics. This is a short but good summary, Ron Paul offering good suggestions as to how to slowly ease away from the control of the federal reserve in all of our banking/money matters, and toward a precious metal basis for monetary worth.

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  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    Ron Paul is the last remaining token opponent of the Money Power, Establishment, Insiders, Globalists, power elite, or what-have-you at the top of the social power structure. He has not been so much of an opponent that the banksters have felt he needs to be removed, as was the last real threat to their hegemony over America, a US President that in some characteristics seems unlikely to be some kind of a Ron-Paul-type hero. And that was John F. Kennedy. And before him, Abe Lincoln. Both went against and were taken out by the banksters. Lincoln even said they were a greater concern of his than the Confederate army.

    To those who think in the superficial, if not supercilious, if not just plain silly, categories of Republicrat versus Demoblican as some kind of realdialectik, what might not be understood was the significance of the issuance of US Notes by Kennedy directly from the US treasury rather than as borrowed money from the Fed with interest to the Fed from the taxpayer. Some US Notes went into circulation shortly before the self-same Money Men removed him from his presidential post.

    Paul understands the largest scam in human history, as measured in the amount of wealth involved. In the history of US presidential debates, the money issue of who issues the money has been the single greatest all-time issue. It was put to rest in that dark year of 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act and so-called 16th Amendment (Income tax Amendment) were put into force despite the non-ratification of the 16th and 17th Amendments – more fraud.

    Those who go along with these scams as though they are legitimate also participate in the culpability of the wicked as willing accessories to their sins. “Bible-believing churches” do not touch this topic with a ten-foot pole. They are already too deeply entangled in the fraud themselves in their willing abdication of the lordship of Christ in favor of 26USC501(c)3 incorporation under the Devil’s management instead.

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