Dec 11

Going Rogue

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Please note well… I am NOT writing about the book Going Rouge!!!!!

Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin ???

This book was read by me, since Betsy and I had lunch with the ghost-writer, Lynn Vincent. The ghost writing is excellent, with good flow and easy readability. This is one of the first times I have ever read a contemporary biography, especially of a political official, since politicians tend to make me nauseated, even when I agree with them (Ron Paul is a rare exception). I actually just finished reading Paul’s latest book on End the Fed, and the difference in the way Sarah Palin and Ron Paul think are quite apparent. Sarah remains a “soccer mom”, unsophisticated, the sort of person who would mouth off on public talk radio, full of great ideas. She did make a reasonably good governor, but national politics, with a larger heterogeneity of thought and opinion tended to overwhelm her. This book helped me to both agree with Sarah while at the same time seeing that she would make a terrible president. The book is best read in skimming mode, since too many details are included, attempting to paint Sarah as an ordinary US citizen, concerned enough to fight to become VP or president of the USA. It also shows a person that doesn’t have the ability to think deeply enough to best serve as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. This book is not recommended unless you are just deeply interested in Sarah Palin.

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  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    ” … she would make a terrible president.”

    Most Americans think that the President is at the highest level of political power, but he is not. The Money Men are – the people Ron Paul wants to go after. Ron Paul understands how the System works; Palin, like W. Bush, would be a good yes-woman for the power elite.

  2. Uncle Dennis says:

    More on Palin:

    People close to her in the Alaska town where she is from are afraid to even say anything about her, she is so controlling and vindictive. Her own children view her as a fake. She is apparently psychotic. Consequently, she is qualified to be a future U.S. President.

    The above article is not written by a Christian but brings out the growth of a social movement that is ostensibly Christian yet seeks worldly power in the name of Christ the world’s way and working within the power structures established by the world-system, based on the familiar misinterpretation of Romans 13:1. I did not realize that it is so far-flung and well-developed as a movement seeking power in the usual psychotic manner. Even YWAM and Bill Bright have been connected to it through the Seven Mountains mission. One manifestation of it, according to the article, is the Third Wave movement, which is said to have made major inroads in the Assemblies of God. Although Rushdoony and North are looked upon for support by this movement, knowing North, I find this somewhat absurd as it is in my reading of Rushdooney. Both expect the Messiah to lead the takeover, and it might not be as expected in wordly terms either. Dominionism is not biblical Christianity nor does it seem to have much of a connection to Rushdooney and North either.

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