Jan 02

The year 2009 is now gone, but I am thankful for all the events of the year. In summary, I started by spending 5 weeks in Germany, mostly going to language school at the Goethe Institut in Düsseldorf, but also spending time with Herbert and with Katja and Hannes.  On return home, Betsy and my time was spent preparing for Bangladesh, and we spent 10 weeks there working at Malumghat Christian Hospital. After returning home, I had a wonderful summer, riding my new bicycle and doing some simpler hikes. Another attempt with Jonny and Russ A. to hike the entire Wonderland trail  met in retreat because of rain, but we did some wonderful bicycling around Crater Lake instead. Betsy and I then headed out to Northern Cameroon, working at l’Hopital de Meskine. On coming home just before Thanksgiving, I decided to return to work 3 weeks early so that I wouldn’t spend time at home getting on Betsy’s nerves. At New Year’s beginning, we were blessed with the visit of Alex V., who is now my son-in-law. We could not have been more blessed, and Betsy and I both regard him as a perfect person for our Rachel, and we are most proud to have him in the family. See the separate blog covering the wedding.

The only crisis during the year was the iWeb crash. Should you wish to refer to my previous adventures, reviews or blogs, you will need to go back to my old site on .mac. This current site has a great advantage, in that, as I learn XHTML and .css, I’ll be able to have much more freedom in modifying the site to my pleasure. Also, there is less of a chance for a serious crash. You will have the ability to RSS this website, in that you can tell your mail program to receive RSS feeds from http://feuchtblog.net . I will not be sending out notices every time the webpage is updated, and will update this site a bit more often. Please feel free to write comments, especially if you disagree with me. Unlike a few of my commie pinkie freak relatives/friends/fiends who refuse to publish certain comments from me that don’t exactly jive with their Weltanschauungen, I will not block your entries unless your writing is overtly offensive or obscene. Therefore, remember that comments do not necessarily reflect my point of view. If you are too timid to make a blog comment, then drop me an e-mail.

Nota Bene

You have not heard from me in website-communication since late September 2009. Since then, I have reviewed 20 plus books, multiple movies and pieces of music, and have posted the Cameroon adventures. You are welcome to go back a bit to review those blogs. Everything (except for one or two entries) are entirely new and have not been published on the old site. I have not quite mastered the art of xhtml mark-up, and so photos don’t always fit in correctly. Those will be corrected over time.

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