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Alien???, Alien2???, Alien3??,Alien Resurrection?? starring Sigourney Weaver

Actually, I’m being a touch kind about my rating, but the graphics were fairly decent, so an extra star is given. It seems like this series should have stopped with the first, as each episode was increasingly poor quality. In particular, the plots were very contrived, if not disjointed or just plain silly. The acting was particularly horrid, and I got rather tired of highly masculinized females running around like paramilitary militia with oversized weapons that were larger than they were. Character development was shoddy, including with Sigourney herself, so that when she “sacrificed” herself at the end of the third episode, there really wasn’t a feeling of regret. When she returns in the fourth installment, it’s almost a let-down. Each episode shows increasingly bad language, unnecessarily so, and increasing sexual innuendoes, which don’t contribute to the plot. From the first episode, people rarely ever spoke to each other, but usually yelled at each other. Most of the men were portrayed as either idiots or evil, while the women were caring or lesbian, as seen in the past episode. I saw parts I and II about 30 years ago when they first came out, and was quite disappointed to imagine that I actually liked those films at that time. I guess a touch of maturity also gives discernment. These films are not worth renting nor watching—don’t waste your time on them.

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  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    “These films are not worth renting nor watching—don’t waste your time on them.”

    Indeed. There are movies worth watching but these are not among them. The Alien series has the appearance of sci-fi but is more like space opera with a plot like a Greek tragedy. You don’t even get to see the beast in the first movie.

    Instead, I recommend a REALLY OUTSTANDING movie: Galaxy Quest.

    Ken, you should review this one. The writing is inspired. It can be dully perceived as a Star Trek spoof but it is far more. Sigourney Weaver is part of the crew and does a good job in a supporting role. One of the threads of the story is an unfallen race of aliens (angels), called the Thermians, who are only now learning about evil and who steal the show – a must-see. British actor Alan Rickman does a credible job as the alien on the crew and Tim Allen is the fearless commander who learns to be less self-oriented. And you do get to see plenty of the villain, another reptilian alien, Saris.

    Jason (Commander Taggart): “And this Saris: is he the bad guy?”
    Female Thermian: “Oh yes, he is a very bad man.”

    Dr. Lazarus (Alan Rickman): “Well, Jason, you’ll just have to find out what it wants. See if you can reason with it.”

    Jason (being attacked by the rock monster): “It’s a rock monster. It doesn’t have reason.”

    Guy: “Look around and see if you can find anything from which to construct an elemental lathe …”

    “Never give up; never surrender …” Commander Peter Quincy Taggart
    “On, Teb; on!” Mathazar, leader of the Thermians

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