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Dar Essalam

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Mike and Anne S. were good friends from first moving to Puyallup. Mike was a doctor at Good Samaritan Hospital, but retired in order to do medical work in Morocco. Since then, cousin Dee and her husband Abdellah started a Moroccan restaurant in Wilsonville just south of Portland. So, it was decided that Mike and I would run down to Portland with our wives to have Moroccan food. I’ve reported on this restaurant in prior blogs on the .Mac site. Now, we were taking two friends in love with Morocco with us.

Mike & Anne

Mike and Anne

Dar Essalam Group

Mike, Anne, Ken, and Betsy

We came dressed in Moroccan and Cameroonian outfits. Dee and Abdellah were again most hospitable, and the restaurant was packed to the brim, so both Abdellah and Dee as well as their two sons were working quite feverishly.

Carter and Zack

Zack and Carter

Abdallah and Ken

Abdallah and Ken

Dee in the restaurant kitchen

Dee working feverishly in the kitchen

My siblings also showed up…

Brother Gaylon


Gloria and friend

Gloria and friend

Lewis & Carol

Lewis & Carol

Once again, the food was absolutely stupendous. I had no idea that Moroccan food could be so good. It is certainly much better than French cuisine, and most Amerikan food. But then, I’m told that Cousin Dee is probably the best Moroccan chef in the entire world, including Morocco. If you live in the Northwest, and haven’t gone to their restaurant, it is totally worth taking the drive. You’ll find directions at their website (click here). This truly is a 5-star restaurant for quality of food and ambiance.

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  1. Gaylon says:

    I can’t agree with you more. This is absolutely a 5 star restaurant but less than a 5 star price!! Dar Essalam restaurant is a total gem.

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