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Wozzeck, with the Hamburg Opera ???

This is the last of the Cult Opera series that I will be reviewing, and one of the only operas that I gave less than 4 stars. The series is actually quite worth the expenditure, being 10 operas for less than $100. All of the operas are filmed outside of the opera hall and then dubbed, and they were meant for television. They are optionally undertitled, and are quite accessible to children. The entire series gets a 4-5 star rating by me.

Back to Wozzeck. The production was well done, and performers superb. It is one of the better performances of the opera. The only reason for the 3 stars is that Berg tends to be inaccessible as a composer. He is one of the serialists, and tended to use scripts from the fashionable communists of the contemporary scene. These philosophical bents come out in the opera. The entire flow of the opera revolves around Wozzeck murdering his prostitute-lover and mother of his only child. These are not exactly themes that I could warmly offer personal empathy toward. There are other serialist operas that I have taken a liking to, but this is not one of them.

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