Jan 13

HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies, by Ed Tittle and Jeff Nobel ????

This is one of the better HTML webpage books that I’ve encountered, and a very excellent introduction for the cold novice. It takes the reader slowly through basic HTML, XHTML, and CSS, finally talking a bit about JavaScript and using other technologies such as php and DOM to write webpages. It is very basic, and once more complex topics such as JavaScript were breeched, only the most superficial routines were displayed. All in all, this was a good read for starting out in HTML, and left the reader knowledgeable about where to go at the finish of the book to further expand ones’ ability to create a webpage. The authors were wise enough to recommend one not risk writing complex script, but gave suggestions as to where already written script could be obtained in order to create webpage functionality. The book gave me a deeper love for Dreamweaver, since I can now jump between the actual page visualization and the html script, and have an understanding as to the meaning of the html script. I’ll be exploring css in more depth after this book, as well as Javascript.

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