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Galaxy Quest

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Galaxy Quest, starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver ????

This film was watched at brother Dennis’ request. It was a film that Betsy actually enjoyed watching, and laughed most of the way through. It is a tremendous spoof on sci-fi films and movies, especially the  Star Trek series.It starts at a Star Trek groupie-like convention, where the main actors did not get along with each other, nor take serious their roles. That is, until real space aliens, the Thermians, take them away, to help save them from the enemy, General Sarris. The subsequent adventures are hilarious as they save themselves and their alien friends. I won’t give the movie away, as you need to watch it and enjoy it.

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  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    Alan Rickman, the British actor, also added much to the movie. The Thermians, however, steal the show.

    This movie can be watched merely as a sci-fi (Star Trek) spoof, but it is far more. Theological themes appear. The Thermians are an unfallen race of angels (ETs) who are just beginning to discover the nature of evil in their encounter with the villain of the story, the reptilian Saris. The name Saris is an ancient name for the Devil.

    Our starship captain, Commander Taggart, is played by an actor who is selfish and grabs the glory from the other members of the Galaxy Quest cast. In the last scene, we see that his character (him, that is) has changed for the better.

    A group of young boys who are bright sci-fi believers have studied the science of Galaxy Quest in detail and, like the Thermians who have actually built a GQ starship, also believe it is all for real. Saris tests the faith of Mathazar. The Thermians have great faith in the GQ crew of washed-up actors – though they do not know them in that way.

    What also makes the movie interesting is that each actor plays two roles: the actor actor role and the role of the character of that actor.

    Memorable lines from Galaxy Quest:

    Never give up; never surrender!

    Are you enjoying your Teplica ticks Dr. Lazarus?
    Just like mother used to make.

    Surely you don’t think Gilligan’s Island was real?
    Thermian leader, Mathazar: Oh, those poor people …

    Is there air? You don’t know!
    Tech sergeant, after opening spaceship door on new planet and sniffing: Seems okay to me.

    Dr. Lazarus (the Spock-like character): Perhaps you can reason with it. Find out what it wants.
    Commander Taggart: It’s a rock monster! It has no reason.

    Thermian: It is exciting to watch the master at the controls …

    By the hammer of Graphthar, you are avenged.
    By the hammer of Graphthar, what a savings!

    … and then straight through the chompers.

    On, Teb. On!

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