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Layers, by Matt Kloskowski ?????

I thought at first that I would be disappointed with this book, but first impressions proved to be wrong. It is a further book on Photoshop technique, intermediate level. I does not come with a CD of practice material, but you are able to download the images off of the web, which helps keep the cost of the book down. Matt has a slightly different style from other Photoshop instructors, in that he tends toward a more casual approach, encouraging you to play and try out your own techniques. His tendency is toward simplicity rather than complexity. He doesn’t waste much time insisting that you label every layer, or create 50 layers for a single image. His teaching technique makes each step quite easy to remember. His projects are interesting enough that one could imagine using the Photoshop tricks for personal photos. All in all, an excellent text for the intermediate Photoshopper.

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3 Responses to “Layers”

  1. Uncle Dennis says:

    I have not been able to understand why a qualified cancer surgeon would be spending so much time reading Adobe Photoshop manuals. Now I see.

    There is a Turkish proverb that says no matter how far down the wrong road you’ve gone, turn back. I get it. Ken, you’re going to reinstate your journeyman’s card in typography and get a real occupation. Good move!

  2. Ha! You forgot that I was doing photography long before I was doing cancer. And explain why a world-class electronics engineer is playing with poisonwood?

    Another proverb says that there are only two roads to travel. Most Turks are not on the right road. Don’t be a Turk-ie.

  3. Don Wood says:

    Your diversity and ubiquity continue to amaze me.
    I don’t know any pithy road proverbs.

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