Jun 11


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Scandalous-The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, by DA Carson ????

This book is the product of five sermons given by DA Carson to the Mars Hill Church in Seattle. It is a set of loosely organized sermons oriented around the cross, with a focus on the events that occurred at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, including Jesus being mocked, the raising of Lazarus, and the story of Thomas. It also had a sermon on Rom. 3 related to the atonement, as well as a sermon from Revelation about Christ reigning through the cross. I liked this book because Carson provided some fresh insights into the meaning of Christ’s death, spoken in a manner that is not just a theological rehash. Carson tends to always provide practical advise on living based on the theology of the cross. I do find reading sermons to be a bit tedious, since they would be better off listened to, yet Carson manages to hold one’s attention in a delightful fashion, making the book a worthy read.

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