Sep 04

Eine Nacht in Venedig by Johann Strauss, made for tv ???

Johann Strauss, Wiener Blut, made for tv ???

I am reviewing both operettas together, as I watched them together, and they share similarities. I would have given them only one star each, except that the music was truly wonderful, and well sung and performed. The problem with the operettas is their plots, which are almost the same, the main personality being a prince-philanderer who flirts with multiple women, three of whom through disguise or mistaken identity carry on the operetta to its conclusion when the ladies true identity is revealed and the prince gives in. Obviously, one operetta takes place in Venice, and the other in Vienna. I appreciated the film style of the operetta, which is so much better than watching a stage, though one could occasionally tell that the singers are lip-synching. The plots of both operettas tended to identify the sumptuous though trifling lives of aristocratic persons in Wien. Perhaps this is an unintended statement of Strauss in satirizing the ruling class. Whereas Strauss’ Fledermaus is a must-see, these two operettas are worth watching only if you are either an avid fan of opera or if you are intensely bored with absolutely nothing else to watch.

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