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Zulu Dawn ??

Zulu ??

Both of these films were very well rated on, a mystery to me, since they were both horrible films. Some Amazon reviewers comment on the historical accuracy and others on the remarkable historical inaccuracy of the films. Knowing Hollywood, they probably got the facts slightly right. Both films were done by the same director, and so they shared a very similar style, and both were filmed in Natal, where the action historically occurred, using Zulu actors. One cannot criticize the cinematography. Both films have a long and arduous lead-up to the final battle, in Zulu Dawn, the British regimen was annihilated, and in Zulu, a small remnant survived. The historical commentary suggests that the British were invaders into the Zulu lands, and invaded the large Zulu kingdom in an unprovoked attack. The historical facts of British dealings with the Zulu are one of many black stains on the Victorian rule in building a world-wide empire. These films attempt a minor commentary on British actions in Natal, though done in rather poor style. Too much of both films included overly silly scenes, such as the preacher scenes in Zulu, or the hospital scenes. There was too much lengthy filming of army movements, or clumsy falls. The officers are painted as inept and rank and file troops as undisciplined. Only the first (inept officers) is probably partially true. Don’t waste your time on either of these films–they are not worth the 90 plus minutes each that you will have to endure on each film.

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