Sep 05

Doctor Zhivago, starring Omar Sharif ????

Doctor Zhivago, loosely based on a novel by Boris Pasternak, is now produced as an epic soap opera occurring at the time of the Revolution in the Soviet Union. Through a complex mix of many characters, including Dr. Zhivago, Tonya (Zhivago’s wife), Larissa (Lara), and others, a complex tale is weaved, from a novel mostly commenting on the nature of the Bolshevik revolution, but turned into a soap of Dr. Zhivago, who, through many encounters with an unusual woman Larissa, eventually develops a love affair with her, but then separated by the vicissitudes  of the Revolution. The film can be rightly praised for the awesome filming, even though most of it was filmed in either Italy or the United States. There were many in-the-face shots, characteristic of either soap operas or director David Lean. The music tended toward mono-thematic, with nothing other than Lara’s theme being repeated again and again, in a Wagnerian Leitmotiv fashion, though with only one Leitmotiv. The acting is superb. Oddly, the filming gives poor reason why Zhivago would betray his wife; most odd, because the film character for Tonya was far more attractive and a nicer personality than Larissa. So it goes with movies. It was noted that Klaus Kinski played a small role in the film-I missed him completely. This is a long movie–over three hours–with an intermission after the style of movies in the 1960s.

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