Jul 02

Bartók Complete Solo Piano Works, performed by Zoltán Kocsis ????

Bartók has a unique style of composition and Kocsis a delightful ability to render those compositions in a pleasant and enjoyable manner. Bartók was born in Hungary, eventually emigrating to the United States in the early 1940’s to escape the war, though many of his works were produced prior to his emigration. He delved into a range of styles, including atonality of the Schönberg style, polymodal chromaticism, and various modifications of early 20th techniques. Bartók focused on the utilization of Hungarian folk song themes in his compositions. Kocsis manages to take these various forms of composition, and make them flow with reasonable emotive expression. These performances would never be in my “desert island” top 10, but they have great value in most music lovers’ collections, and much to commend to them.

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