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History of the United States (Teaching Company Series), by Allen Guelzo, Gary Gallagher, and Patrick Allitt ★★★★

It is impossible in the course of 84 – 1/2 hour lectures to give a detailed history of the United States. Yet, Guelzo, Gallagher and Allitt do a fine job of reviewing the high points of the American experience. Starting from its discovery by the Europeans and settlement, all the way to early George W. Bush, these three lectures provide a delightful summary of the last few hundred years of the United States. It is entertaining, and gives their perspective, typically respectfully, of their view of the American experiment. I don’t always agree with their analysis and conclusions, but that doesn’t distract from their ability to give a fairly balanced discussion of America throughout the years. The most contemporary discussions on matters such as the new world order, environmentalism, women’s rights movements, etc. did not deserve full 1/2 hour lectures, but are too charged of topics to glance over briefly. All in all, the lecture series works well as all the instructors are masters at the art of teaching.


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  1. Onkel Dennis says:

    {The authors] “do a fine job of reviewing the high points of the American experience.”

    I wonder what those were. Most Americans have a very distorted view of American history, a history most acquire in the state-run youth brainwashing institutions where (along with far too many “private” schools) such history is little more than propaganda and apologia for the ruling class. Christians in particular are widely beguiled by the teachings about the United States (not colonial America, a very different polis) as being godly, yet in reality, it was a coup pulled off by a few wealthy landowners.

    For instance, few people know that the person whose signature is most prominent on one of the “sacred documents”, John Hancock, was a tea bootlegger and made his money undercutting the tea imported by the British. The Boston Tea Party was not held to protest a rise in the tax on tea but a reduction in it by King George. The reduction left no profit in bootlegging and the bootleggers revolted.

    The meeting in Philadelphia was a secret meeting of the coup organizers of high-level Freemasons who are, in propagandistic language, the Founding Fathers. America as a society under God ended in 1789. After that, it has been largely a history of how the Money Power has taken over the country, creating war after war to enrich themselves.

    The sad fact is that the mainstream herd of Christians never catch on – they never wake up to the existence of actual history because they do not know it and do not even know that they do not know it.

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