Aug 02

Iowa Visit 26JUL-01AUG with Ken and Betsy

Iowa was in the midst of a heat wave, and oddly, the one outdoor activity that we really wanted to do, the waterfight, had to be cancelled because of electric storms. We were able to meet little Lily, a very cute baby. We also got to know the town of Sioux Center much better.

I learned that the overwhelming preponderance of Iowa corn is genetically modified. How terrible. Then I realized that everything in Iowa was genetically modified. Here are some examples…

Genetically modified people smoking genetically modified tobacco and drinking genetically modified beer

Genetically modified Fireman

Genetically modified water was used in this watertight by genetically modified firemen

Genetically modified baby. Notice the blue “thing” growing out of her mouth. The eyes and face are too perfect to be a real kid.

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2 Responses to “Genetically modified Iowa”

  1. Elizabeth of Virginia says:

    I love this post. It gave me a good laugh. Thanks!

  2. Gaylon says:

    Absolutely hilarious!!!

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