Aug 04

Mt. Rainier from Gobbler’s Knob. The Puyallup River headwaters are in the central canyon in the photo.

Gobbler’s Knob Bike and Hike, 04AUG2012

The Westside Road in Mt. Rainier National Park has been closed for many years now, and so popular hikes have become less popular because of accessibility.  A few weeks ago I had ridden the Westside Road on my mountain bike, and now wanted to combine that with a hike up the Gobbler’s Knob trail to the summit of Gobbler’s Knob. I have no clue why it is called Gobbler’s Knob, but was a fire lookout built in the early 1930’s within Mt Rainier Park, and giving an awesome view of Mt. Rainier.  The road was 6 km, and the hike (each way was 2.5 miles, with an approximately 1400 ft elevation gain for the hiking portion. I talked Russ and Pete into doing it, and we all loved the possibility of combining both biking and hiking. Here are some photos.

View of Mt. Rainier from Gobbler’s Knob

Pete making himself one with the Andesite of Gobbler’s Knob

Russ enjoying his lunch and keeping an eye on Pete and me

Avalanche Lily, found only in the Pacific Northwest, and my favorite flower

The day was beautiful but hot. It allowed us to discover the joy of combining two different activities into one, and surely will be repeated.

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