Apr 10

FrenchChefThe French Chef, with Julia Child ★★★★★

These are selected episodes taken from a television series starting in 1963, and running for many years afterwards. The first episodes are in black and white, with a different theme song from later editions. All of the series represents Julia Child, teaching one how to cook. She has the delightful ability to entertain the viewer, often giving laughs with her bloopers and crazy comments. All the same, she has the ability to make cooking appear to be delightfully simple. The episodes are filmed lacking modern techniques, and are usually produced in a single 1/2 hour segment, without stopping the camera. Thus, Julia usually has on hand multiple stages in the given recipe until she reaches the end product. Occasionally, you’ll even go on tour with her to France to see how it’s all done there. In all, it’s a delightful and entertaining series, and we will probably be watching other Julia Child productions out there.


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  1. Onkel Dennis says:

    Julia the Child is like Richard Wagner: good at what they are known for but utter flops as persons. Happily, you are consulting her only for her cooking advice. Beyond that involves an extensive amount of nose-thumbing …

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