Oct 22

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Dorothy Sayers Mysteries, and the Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries ★★★★

These are two sets of Dorothy Sayers Mysteries, all of them featuring the Lord Peter Wimsey. In the first set, Ian Carmichael stars as Peter Wimsey, and in the second set, it is Edward Petherbridge. The second set also includes Harriet Vane, a young lady whom Peter persistently asks to marry him. Peter Wimsey, in all of the series, has a male servant, Bunting, who is several of the Ian Carmichael films, does a better job of acting than Carmichael himself. It is impossible to say who was the best Peter Wimsey. Edward Petherbridge was constantly preoccupied with his monocle, and a serious type. Ian Carmichael was never sure what to do with the monocle, but tended to constantly giggle, often inappropriately. All the mysteries are long, 4-5 hours worth. The plot is a little less predictable than the Agatha Christie novels, though still just a smidgen contrived and absent of potential reality. They are entertaining. They are a different style of mystery from Agatha Christie, but still very engaging.

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