Oct 22


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PoirotAgatha Christie’s Poirot, starring David Suchet and Peter Ustinov ★★★★

These movies consist of 16 Poirot mystery novels by Agatha Christie and re-created for movie. Most of the Poirot episodes use David Suchet, who I feel does a better job of Poirot than Peter Ustinov. The best episode is the Murder on the Orient Express.  Agatha Christie novels have a set plan, and so there is a sense of predictability. The crime (usually murder) is enacted, and you have no clue who did it, or sometimes, even whether or not it was murder. Poirot meets with all the suspects, and a prime suspect is developed. All of the suspects are then gathered in a meeting place, and Poirot then discusses his findings. He usually can accuse everybody in the room, but ultimately pins one generally less suspicious character as the murderer. Never does the movie give you enough clues to figure out before hand who might have committed the murder. Even with its predictability, these are still great murder mysteries, and very well reconstructed. There is high evening entertainment value to this set.


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