Oct 31

New World Order

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DiceNWOThe New World Order, Facts and Fiction, by Mark Dice ★★★★★

Mark Dice is the guy you see on uTube interviewing people on the beach in San Diego. Typically, he will have them sign some sort of crazy petition, or ask them something quite obvious which they get wrong, such as whether Obama is a Republican or a Democrat. This book is one of his works of passion. It is an easy to read text, and displays Mark as a sensible person, and not a looney tune fearing the end of the world. It is sad that this book was published in 2010, and much of the more fearful concerns he had at that time, such as government surveillance of citizens, has really been shown to be true. It was the work of Snowden and others that left us all realizing that much of the doomsayers cries were true.

Mark uses the term “New World Order”, yet there is no such thing as a new world order. What he complains about in this book has been going on since the dawn of time. Today, we see events happening before our eyes, that often have had no good explanation. The news, which is supposed to be critical and investigatory, tends to be superficial, contrived, and predictable in their reporting. Is it any wonder that we are left in a quandary regarding figuring out what really is happening. Is is sad that the more critical Christian news agencies such as World Magazine lapse into the same errors as their secular counterparts, and offer no real alternative to the mainstream news media. Mark shows no evidence of having smoked odd substances in the past, or having his brain overheated in the sun of San Diego. He doesn’t believe in space aliens, and supra normal phenomena.

The brief outline of his book is as follows…

1. The idea of the New World Order – actually old world order, with some new intentions

2. Secret societies that tend to promote the idea of a “new world order”

3. How the “rulers” remain above the law

4. The unreliability of mainstream media in reporting what is really going on

5. The moral decline of society, seemingly encouraged from above

6. Banking

7. One world currency

8. Population control

9. Single world religion, the rise of atheistic satanism

10. Singe world dictator

11. Global police state

12. Global surveillance

13. Elimination of the right to bear arms

14. Elimination of US national sovereignty

15. Population monitoring in big brother fashion

16. Medicating the public

17. Science issues, including MK-ULTRA,  means of mind control and placing thoughts in ones’ mind

18. Global warming

He ends with the conclusion that our best defense is to start by keeping our eyes open, and knowing what’s going on. The book is brief, but believable, since much has come true since Mark wrote the book. It is not a call to escape or run in fear, but to rise and fight, and to be prepared. It is a book worth reading.


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4 Responses to “New World Order”

  1. Onkel Dennis says:

    Secret societies, the money system (banking, global finance) and mind control (the NAZI-CIA MK-ULTRA program in particular, which is what the Bible calls sorcery) are topics the mainstream herd have no conception of. The author is doing a service covering them.

  2. Onkel Dennis says:

    As for “space aliens and supranormal phenomena”, I don’t know what “supranormal phenomena” are but space aliens are probably extraterrestrials (ETs such as angels). The Bible talks a lot about them and they are not from Earth, so they are from “the heavens” which is (except the inscrutable third heaven) outer space. The evidence is sufficient for me to operate on the basis that They are here – at least a dozen different species of them. One of my friends, an ex-cop and investigator – has had a direct encounter with one (in a vehicle, across a tennis court). So had a former USAF meteorologist stationed at Nellis AFB, in Dreamland, Charles Hall. For two years he encountered and interacted with the “tall whites”. See his testimony at

  3. I’ve seen photos of short blacks (Pygmies) in South Cameroon, but wait eagerly to encounter tall whites. If the tall whites are Biblical angels, they sure don’t behave like Biblical angels, going to Las Vegas to be entertained, as Charles Hall notes. I’d more likely suspect them to be demons, or perhaps Hall smoked a little bit too much loco weed on one of his lonely nights guarding area 51 (or 54?).

  4. I wouldn’t regard MK-ULTRA as sorcery, but it is an interesting concept. It’s one of those shadow ideas that more is said about than is known. Have you studied the MK-ULTRA program? Can they really just place ideas into somebody else’s head, beaming a thought across space? That doesn’t seem possible. It would be possible to beam a loud noise or something to drive a person crazy, but not to unknowingly place a thought into somebody’s head, yes?

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