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Much hype was made over the Superbowl in the Seattle area. Everybody (hyperbole, actually, only about 30%) was wearing Superbowl shirts over the past week, and the mania reached to all branches of life. The super-rich flew to Christie-Land (kind of like Fantasy Land) to personally attend the festivities. There was great apprehension, because the Reds (* see below for explanation of the colors) had the most valuable player. Conversely, the Blue-Greens had the favor of Nero, as well as the Reformed Pope of Seattle (Mark Driscoll).

The game was not watched by me, but I could tell that it was practically over from the start. The only anxiety remaining was whether the Blue-Greens would be able to pull off a total shut-out. Actually, they did accomplish a total shut-down, as the city of Seattle and its accompanying megalopolis rested quietly, all citizens glued to their personal sewer pipes (televisions). The streets were empty, and shops were stilled. Even the houses of worship that still met on Sunday evening were poorly attended—I know, since I went, but heard one of the best sermons ever last night-Zechariah 14. Facebook was littered with photos of home Superbowl parties, photos of nauseating junk food spreads fit for Rosanne Barr or Oprah, and scores were updated on a continuous basis. Since I am friends on Facebook only of Seahawk devotees, I delighted in their spontaneous posts of rapturous praise to the Blue-Green god. The red devotees were not happy, but I never heard from them, and they got what they deserved—dogs and blasphemers never deserve to win.

Now that the Superbowl is over and the Blue-Greens are the victors, all is well in the Land of Oz. The Emerald City has returned to it’s usual helter-skelter. But, there is a noticeable difference. There is now love in the city. No crimes have happened since the clock struck game-time zero the Land of Oz.  There is a prevailing sense of peace. There is joy unspeakable among the residents of Oz. It is a transformation like has never occurred in our great land. Meanwhile, Nero has announced that he was just kidding regarding Nero-Care and is terminating it as of this moment. He is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, shut down the Federal Reserve, and has confessed to being an inveterate liar, never to lie again. Salvation has come to our dear Pacific Northwest, and we’ve all found jesus. The Seattle Pope has already declared that many of the Blue-Greens have found jesus, and while the rumor exists that while some of the Reds have professed finding the same man, we know most assuredly that that simply cannot be true, as jesus loves sports and would only allow true believers to win.


*In Greek and Roman society, the sports teams were named by color, so that instead of the SeaHawks, the Broncos, the Cubs, the Trailblazers, you had the Blues, the Reds, the Greens, the Whites, etc. The White Sox or the Red Sox most closely approximate the ancient standard. The SeaHawks colors are Blue-Green and the Broncos Orange with a touch of Blue (call them Red since an Orange team did not exist in Rome), so they are referred to with color terminology in this post. Ancient Nero, like most of the emperors, was an avid Green fan, so he probably would have been a SeaHawks Blue-Green fan. The reincarnation of Nero in the White House almost certainly is a Blue-Green fan.

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  1. I’l like to hear the sermon on Zechariah 14! 🙂 That’s a great passage that I use from the Mt. of Olives. I’d love to hear how it was preached. 🙂

  2. Stephen Chambers says:

    Driscoll is a very bold YRR pastor. I guess one could classify him as an eccentric marginally reformed continuationist. He crashed MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference in LA last Oct. and tried to sell his new book on sex and marriage to the attendees. Needless to say once he was discovered he was asked to leave the conference. He only lasted about an hour there.

  3. John;
    Only the audio is available at this time, and can be found at http://www.faithtacoma.org/series/zech.aspx . Rayburn will not do a Hal Lindsey imitation, but simply admit that he doesn’t have a clue as to exactly what is meant, explaining (partially) how the pre, post, and amillenialists will all attack this chapter differently. I’m glad he took that stance, since I’m an millennialist, and Rayburn is a historic premillenialist, while others in the church are aggressive postmillenialists. So, he made us all happy.

  4. What does “YRR” mean? Remember that Driscoll is a very close friend of John Piper, who could be said to be mainstream. So, I guess we could also call Piper a marginally reformed continuationist. I don’t think “marginally reformed” fits Driscoll well. He seems to be a different duck but is definitely reformed in terms of the doctrines of grace. MacArthur isn’t necessarily an accomplishment to crash. He does have some very strange views on things also, but is probably more “marginally reformed” than Driscoll.

  5. Stephen Chambers says:

    YRR means Young, Restless, and Reformed. I think it may have been coined by Driscoll. I knew Driscoll respected Piper and had spoken at his conferences but I didn’t know that they were close friends. Piper and Macarthur used to be friends but they just had a falling out over cessationism. Piper has followed in the destructive continuationist wake of Wayne Grudem at Phoenix Seminary and D A Carson at Trinity in Chicago. He has given himself over to popular trends for unrighteous mammon. Jesus said beware of greed in all of it’s insidious forms because even when one has an abundance his life does not consist in that which he or she possesses! Continuationism is a destructive heresy that even Sproul diatribes against in stating that the leaders of the movement have a very low view of Pentecost. I think you need to take another look at Macarthur and reexamine your pre-suppositions about him as I think (if you do) you will find him as I do as not only not marginal but also as thoroughly reformed in his thinking. Remember he was the national leader in the Lordship Salvation controversy with his groundbreaking book “The Gospel According to Jesus” in 1987. With that work he shot an arrow right in the heart of the Higher LIfe movement (which was popularized by Campus Crusade for Christ on University Campuses) since the early fifties. In other words, one can’t have Jesus as Savior without also having made Him the Lord of his or her life. Macarthur is not a covenanter nor a dispensationalist, he’s a Bible expositor of the first order and has never and will never promote the hideous heresy that replacement theology offers: that the Church is the new Israel!

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