Jul 27

Bach Organ Works, performed by Simon Preston ?????
I was a little leery of getting yet another set of Bach Organ works, since both the Peter Herford and Helmut Walcha sets are superb. Preston offers a change of venue, with many of the Bach pieces not performed in a perfectly traditional manner. Yet, the performances were entirely compelling, and most interesting to listen to. Oftentimes, syncopation or variations in volume or tonal presentation made a completely different piece than is traditionally heard. This is a very worthy purchase for the Bach lover. Quite honestly, I think that Bach would approve entirely of this performance. Remember that Bach quite often re-worked the pieces of other composers in order to hear them in a fresh manner. These works are definitely fresh, and bring an intense amount of life and vitality to what might otherwise be considered fairly boring works.

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  1. Ever since you mailed me this recording, I’ve listened to it through three or four times now. I really enjoyed these recordings. Preston definitely approaches the organ works differently than anybody I’ve heard before, and he kind of does with the pieces something similar to what Glenn Gould does in a lot of his recordings.

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