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KronosWagnerAt the Grave of Richard Wagner, by the Kronos Quartet ★★★
At the Grave of Richard Wagner was written by Franz Liszt, is the lead piece on this CD, but is only 2:47 long. The rest of the CD is filled with a string quartet by Alban Berg (op. 3), and five pieces by Anton Webern. This is the only recording of the At the Grave of Richard Wagner piece that I could find.
Richard Wagner’s grave is located in the grounds of his home Villa Wahnfried in Bayreuth, Bayern, Deutschland. Here is a recent photo of the grave, not taken by me (I’ve never been to Bayreuth)

Grave of Richard Wagner at Willa Wahnfried

Grave of Richard Wagner at Willa Wahnfried

Though Wagner’s music is among the greatest music ever written, I have little good to say about the man Richard Wagner. Thus it is fitting that he get a less than 3 minute music memorial written to him, which is rarely listened to, and even less recorded.
The music on this set is not bad. I’m not crazy about the new Viennese school, which Webern and Berg were students of. The performances are quite high quality, and the Kronos Quartet does a wonderful job of making Webern and Berg accessible. Sadly, the entire disc is only 33 minutes long. I bought it used on Amazon.com for a few dollars. It sells new for $42, making it over a dollar a minute, and definitely NOT worth it.

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