Dec 22

Góreki3Górecki Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs) and Three Olden Style Pieces), performed the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Antoni Wit ★★★★★
I have several versions of Górecki’s third symphony, both of which are excellent. Naxos provides a beautiful rendition of Górecki’s 3rd, with excellent sound and balance in this recording. Górecki is not a well known composer, without a large volume of works to his name. He passed away in the 1990’s. While being very distinctly 20th century pieces of music, they are also most accessible to even the most die-hard classicist. The symphony is a sad piece, with orchestra occasional accompanied by a solo soprano voice. The music is haunting, but not in the freakish sense, such as one would get with Ligeti.  Wit masterfully conducts the symphony with a great amount of emotion that touches the listener. As a bonus, Naxos also included the Three Olden Style Pieces, composed in similar genre to the third symphony, though without a vocal part. This is a piece that I would highly recommend to any discriminating classical music lover.

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