Jan 06

ChronicleChinEmpChronicle of the Chinese Emperors, by Ann Paludan ★★★
I’m trying to fill myself in with a little Chinese history in anticipation of a trip to China in April. This book was written more as a reference text. It is not  a very comprehensive text. The focus is entirely on the emperors of China, with occasion call-outs for special interest topics, examples being the pottery in China,  the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, various movements in China, etc. The book, if read from cover to cover, reads quite erratically with many gaps, such as a description of the warring states period. This text would be best used in conjunction with a formal history text to learn the most about Chinese history.

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  1. Onkel Dennis says:

    A must-read before going to China is God and the Ancient Chinese by Nelson and Wang. Get a few Chinese copies as well and take them to China. Identifying common spiritual roots is a powerful way of connecting with people of a different culture.

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