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Just A Farm Boy, by Samuel Jacob Feucht ★★★★★
First of all, I don’t dare rate this as anything less than five stars, since my father wrote this book. As he was getting up in age, we talked him into writing a book of his life, and the two oldest brothers Dennis and Lewis helped him get this produced and printed. Sadly, I only have one copy of this book, and the binding is falling apart. I will probably have it spiral bound, and then try to get the word processing file from Dennis. I hope that he still has it.
Dad had a very interesting life. He loved to tell stories, and this book reads very similar to how dad used to tell stories about his life. He was born in the northwest corner of Iowa on a farm with 14 siblings. He left home in his early twenties, first going to Illinois, then California, then back to the midwest, then a brief time back in southern California, before settling in to Portland, Oregon for the rest of his life.
Dad was a wonderful man. He was multi-faceted, and was able to survive frequent poor health with stomach problems, had some very unfortunate bad luck, such as being zoned out of business in Baldwin Park, CA, but overall, troubles did not seem to keep him down, and his faith in Christ sustained him.
Dad expressed a number of times how he often wished that he could have remained in southern California. The family couldn’t have been more grateful that he got out of California and settled in the beautiful northwest.
Though I had glanced over this book a number of times, I found that this reading of the book, complete at one sitting, filled in a number of episodes in dad’s life that I had either forgot about or simply glossed over. There are many areas of his life in which he should have given more details, such as details about his parents, his life in California, his coming to faith, his meeting mom, and their early life together, as well as events that surrounded our lives when we were very young children.
I wish that he had imparted to us more of his skill at the care of farm animals, but that wasn’t to be. It is not uncommon for me to be sitting around and realize that I miss my parents, both dad and mom. I’m grateful that dad took the time to chronicle at least part of his life for his children and posterity.

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  1. Bruder Dennis says:

    Well, finally, a book review suitable for a family rating!
    I hounded dad for a considerable time before he started writing in earnest. He told me it was the longest, hardest writing task he had ever done. It was handwritten on lined paper and put in a 3-ring notebook – about 150 pages, as I recall. The original written copy, from the last of my involvement with it, is in the possession of Lewis. Carol, Lewis’s wife, typed it into the computer, and put in a form that could be printed. Dad managed having it printed, and many of them are in the possession of fellow Feuchts in Iowa. I have a second copy and would be willing to give it to you, Ken. I need just one. It would be good to have the computerized “e-book” spread around the family too.
    Dad did write some additional material to fill in what he had omitted but thought should be in the book. Lewis should have it. It should be in a second edition, should one ever occur.
    The book very much reflects the writing and speaking style of dad, including the glaring lack of proper nouns. The book tends to be a psychological “stream of consciousness”, but that too reflects how dad operated; he was driven more by emotion and feelings than by facts and reasoning.
    You’re right about interesting omissions. Much more could have been included. All in all, though, dad had an interesting life, and he contributed much to whatever we became too. So I am grateful for both parents in giving me a start in life and pointing me in generally the right direction.

  2. Gaylon says:

    I remember, after reading the book, that I should have spent a little time with Dad and develop an outline to be used as a writing guide.

  3. herbert says:

    ken, dear brother,
    i do still have a fresh copy of your farher´s book
    it is waiting here for you
    yrs hwf

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