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It is About Islam, by Glenn Beck ★★
I’ve read several other books by Glenn Beck, and have disliked them, feeling that Beck writes in a superficial fashion, selling himself as a thoughtful analyst of modern thought, yet writing in a popular emotional, non-analytical mode. The reviews of this books suggested that it was different and that Beck had provided an essay that was competent in reviewing Muslim mindset and proposing thoughtful action. I was quite disappointed in my expectations. Beck is able to throw a mountain of facts and quotes at you regarding a subject, but his ability to condense those facts into meaningful discourse is lacking
The book is broken up into three parts. The first is a brief history of Islam. This was short and focused on Beck’s agenda in the book. The second part is an argument against 13 deadly lies of Islam, such as “Islam is not much different than Christianity or Judaism”. He offers quotes supporting the “lie”, and then refutes those “lies” with facts. The third portion of the book discusses action items.  All three sections of the book are weak, and perhaps they are weak because Beck has a tenuous starting point himself.
Beck is quite spirited in developing the idea that the Islam religion is a religion of hate, and out to conquer the world. There is probably a reasonable amount of truth in that statement. His action points include the following. 1. Understand the “enemy”. Correct. That’s why he wrote this book. 2. Don’t be afraid to speak. Sure, but when somebody like Donald Trump speaks strongly about dealing with Islam, you condemn them. Go figure. 3. Know yourself and your traditions. Fair deal, but what traditions are he talking about. In this section, he simply waxes further about the problems of Islam immigration into the US. 4. We cannot reform Islam – only Muslims can do that. But, that’s not an action point. And, the thesis of the book was that Islam is a religion of violence. So, essentially, the plea is for Muslims to quit being Muslim. Sure. Hell will freeze over before that happens spontaneously.
Beck has a serious problem refuting the Islam religion because he doesn’t understand the nature of Muslim theology, and how it differs from his own. As a Mormon, he belongs to a Christian heresy just as the Muslim religion is a Christian heresy.  Though Mormonism is not so violent as the Muslims are, it has occasionally engaged in quite violent acts in the name of their religion. It would be impossible for Beck to compare and contrast Muslim vs Christian theology, since Mormonism is as far from Christian theology as the Muslim faith is from Christian theology. He couldn’t possibly discuss comparisons of salvation by works versus salvation by faith in Christ, since Mormonism is salvation by works, just as the Muslim faith is salvation by works, hoping in the end that God just might look favorably on you.
So, I can’t recommend this book at all. There are other books about Islam, notably books by Nabeel Qureshi such as “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”that are actually worth reading. And, there are others. Don’t waste your money or time on this book. I should have known better.

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  1. Bruder Dennis says:

    “Beck is quite spirited in developing the idea that the Islam religion is a religion of hate, and out to conquer the world. There is probably a reasonable amount of truth in that statement.”
    Probably not too true. The vast majority of the people in the world who claim to be Muslims are not jihadists and want to live in peace. And many of the jihadists and European immigrants nowadays are not true Muslims. For instance, ISIS has been denounced as false Islam by all the Syrian and Iraqi imams. Keep in mind that when Islam went on the warpath, they were also responding to aggression against the Arabic nomadic tribes by the “good Christians” in Constantinople.
    Thanks for the warning about Beck, though I would not read anything he wrote anyway because he is yet another popular American demagogue and hardly a scholar or serious truth-seeker.
    The best way to find out what Islam is and isn’t is to let qualified Muslims tell what they think Islam is. When at Tektronix, I asked Arif Kareem, a very civilized Pakistani with a PhD in digital signal processing, what is the one book he would recommend that best characterizes Islam. He recommended The Spirit of Islam: A History of the Evolution and Ideals of Islam, by Syed Ameer Ali, Chatto & Windus Ltd, London, 1922 (reprinted). The author seems far more preoccupied in his thinking about peace than jihad.
    The Adventists believe, with some support, that Muslims in scripture are the locusts who bring God’s judgement on apostate Christianity. That sums up the history of Islam quite well. Muslims and true Christians of the Church of the East lived in peace together during the reign of the caliphates in Baghdad. The Church headquarters was in Ctesiphon, outside Baghdad, and had been pushed eastward from Syrian Antioch by the expanding Roman Empire. Christians had the same legal protection under Islamic law as Muslims. The only difference was that, being non-Muslims, they were required to pay an extra tax, which wasn’t much. It is the apostate Western world that is under attack by quasi-Muslims nowadays. I suppose God can use even apostate Muslims to bring judgement upon apostate Christian nations.
    What Islam lacks is the gospel. There is no mechanism for forgiving wrongs done in Islam and forgetting them. The foundations of the biblical worldview are there, only it remains “unrevealed”. Jesus is viewed positively in Islam but what is lacking is a recognition of what he considered his mission to be, to pay for the sins of the world (or believers, or 5 point Calvinists, or whoever). When Muslims are presented the gospel, the response has often been quite positive. There are numerous secret Christians in Muslim circles.

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