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Lake Merwin Hideaway Adventure 05-06AUGUST
Betsy and I were invited by my sister Gloria to visit her at her place at the Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway ( We headed out Saturday AM for an 140 mile 2-½ hour drive to an exclusive gated campground, where the residents have a small plot of land with water, sewer, electricity and wifi connected, as well as a boat launch, in-door swimming pool, and other amenities. There are numerous rules to the property owners, but the most important one is that the main structure needs to be an RV/camper unit. Many of the units have a good view of the lake and/or Mt. St. Helens. After a little difficulty finagling our way through the gate, we found Gloria’s trailer and waited for her arrival.

Gloria arrived, we fetched her dog, had a few beers and much catching up to do, before Gloria took us on a grand tour of the facility. It’s fairly large with about 1500 units.

Gloria in deep conversation with Betsy

We did dinner by ordering out pizza, went out looking at a few of the units, and finally discovered a brand new unit very close to Gloria’s.

Then, we discovered that this was the new place where my niece Amy and her husband Josh and four children Blake, Kate, Jack, and Chase would be spending many happy weekends.

It was nice getting to meet them.
One last photo of them and us…

There is one thing missing… what is it???? It’s Lew and Carol!!!! Hopefully, they can make it up soon.
Betsy spent the night restless on a futon in Gloria’s trailer, while I slept out back in my tent. I slept like a log. It’s wonderful to be outside. Though they call this a “camper’s” hideaway, I don’t really consider staying in an RV or camper as “camping”. I need contact with terra firma, the good earth, dirt. This would be an ideal location for my brother Gaylon to move to. I hope that we could talk him into it.
We took off early am to drive back home, telling Gloria goodby, and wishing her the best, as she also headed back to Portland.

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3 Responses to “Lake Merwin Hideaway Adventure”

  1. Lew Feucht says:

    Great post and so fun to see you and Betsy at Lake Merwin! I wish we could have joined you! Now that Josh and Amy are up there, I’m sure we are going to get up there and see them and Gloria!

  2. Karen Chambers says:

    Sweet pictures. What a nice vacation spot, Gloria. And what a surprise to find the VanZantens there!

  3. Bruder dennis says:

    “This would be an ideal location for my brother Gaylon to move to. I hope that we could talk him into it.”
    Bad advice to Gaylon. He is wise not to take it.
    Ken, you’re living, like most Americans, in Disneyland. You has some idea of the precariousness of the situation in the developed world, and especially in the USA, but your party mentality does not allow you to come to grips with what is going to happen up there. So you do not take precautionary action. Like most Americans, you are hoping nothing bad will happen when all the indicators are that it will.
    So don’t lead Gaylon down your Pied Piper trail that will not prepare him for bad times ahead.

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